Get to know 4 meals from the new menu


At first, our Brand Chef Lacko Výpala prepares yeast-based dough. He lets it set in the turned off pizza oven at approximately 40°C. It is important to keep in there great bubbles as the pastry must remain fluffy after baking.

The baked loaf is sliced into two-centimetre thick bruschetta – for shooting Lacko prepared one with roasted Hokkaido squash, ground cashew nuts and Bryndza sheep cheese foam, the second one with slices of beef sirloin sous-vide with coarse mustard and horseradish and the third one was the Italian classic with tomatoes, basil and pesto.

And this is what the final product looks like. Tastes and colours match together perfectly, it is a great morning or afternoon snack.




Marinated salmon

Very fresh starter. Salmon is dried in the restaurant – a fillet of fish meat is marinated for 12 hours and then dried covered in salt, sugar and lemon zest for another 12 hours. It loses its moist and can be cut into thin slices.

The base consists of yoghurt with a little bit of honey and lime. It is served with sliced fruit – granny Smith apple, Cantaloupe melon and pomegranate.

The chefs prepare a lime chips to serve along – a half of lime is covered in brown sugar and using a blowtorch they bake sugar into caramel. Thus we get a very pleasant sour-sweet combination.

Maccheroni rigati con verdure grigliate e pesto di basilico

This long name covers homemade Kubu pasta with pesto, pine nuts, ratatouille vegetable, red onion and grated ricotta.

At Kubu, ricotta salata, a drier version of soft ricotta is used for this meal. Its consistency is similar to Parmesan cheese and can be grated.

Grilled halibut with Japanese togarashi spices

The new menu paired halibut with tasty peas purée and ragout with white wine, cherry tomatoes, soy sprouts, ribbed celery and peas croquette.

Togarashi is a Japanese spice blend. It adds a slightly spicy taste to the fish and greatly pairs with black sesame.

We hope you will enjoy the meal at least like we did during shooting. And here you have the promised video where you can see the grilled salmon, new bruschetta, risotto con pollo e broccoli, pappardelle al ragù di manzo, grilled halibut with togarashi spices and kubu salad with marinated beef.